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Difference between feathers and goose down:

Goose down

Goose down resembles small balls of cotton. Rather than the feather quill, down has a rounded, central point from which countless extremely soft and delicate filaments sprout.

Goose feathers

Thick and soft filaments sprout from the well-developed and flexible quill. The feather is not as soft or as light as down.

Whether the Protective Covers increase product durability?

The protective covers for Plooma pillows and mattresses protect the sleep and health from attack by mites, fungi and bacteria (Ultrafresh treatment) and they repel aqueous substances (Addiguard treatment), protect and greatly increase product durability. The protective covers should be washed regularly.

Which Feathers and Goose Down are natural fertilizers?

Unused pillow feathers and goose down are organic materials and can be recycled and used as excellent biological fertilizer, as well as in the secondary industry of rations and others.

Which Products in Fiber Ball Polyester can be machine washed?
The Polyester fibers are durable, resistant and have a very pleasant feel. They are light and make the product very comfortable.
Since they are flexible, they permit greater air circulation, creating an environment that is unfavorable for the proliferation of microorganisms.
Most products in Fiber Ball Polyester can be machine washed and dried in dryers.
They can also be dry cleaned, resisting temperatures of up to 60ºC.

Should the pillow be changed every 2 years?

Health professionals recommend changing pillows every 2 years to guarantee relaxing and healthy sleep.

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